Confucianism and its impact on talent development: A review and discussion of key themes in the development of talent

… arising from Chua, A. (2011) Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. New York: Penguin


Jeff MacRaild


This Confucian belief underlies the Chinese perspective on maximising an individual’s intelligence (Chan, 2007, p.43). Chinese believe that about 30% of an individual’s intelligence is accounted for by what one is born with, and the other 70% depends upon learning. According to Chan, the common belief in the West is that the reverse (about 80% heredity) is true (Jensen, 1981, cited in Chan, 2007, p.42). Amy Chua’s memoir explains her efforts to maximise her children’s ‘other 70%’.



Keywords: Tiger mother, Chua, talent development

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