Leadership training for the gifted: A frames of reference paradigm


Joel Nainie


This paper aims to outline the curriculum content and organisational requirements to deliver a cross-age, intercultural student leadership program for gifted students. It is written predominantly from the perspective of a practitioner and, to that extent, will be primarily methodological and conceptual in nature with some recourse to relevant literature. The program involves an International Student Leadership Conference (ISLC) where students (i) are introduced to leadership models and frameworks which they then apply to problematic fictional scenarios, (ii) develop an understanding of analytical tools used in collaborative problem solving and (iii) solve a global problem using a frames of reference paradigm integrating leadership principles and skills. The reduction of carbon emissions was chosen prior to the conference as the global issue and prereleased for analysis in order to facilitate depth of student research. Seven different stakeholder groups were constituted to facilitate breadth in perspectives as well as variation in gender, school and region.



Keywords: gifted students, leadership

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