Academic acceleration in Australia: An annotated bibliography


Sue Vasilevska & Peter Merrotsy


As will be seen from a quick perusal of the References to this article, there are over 50 Australian publications on academic acceleration. While preparing a review of the literature for a research study on academic acceleration, the authors noticed two things: first, that the Australian studies on academic acceleration, and Australian literature discussing academic acceleration, cited literature mainly from, if not restricted to, North America; and, second, that the literature, including the Australian literature, on academic acceleration tended to overlook or completely ignore the findings from Australian research in this area. A first step in addressing this perceived problem is to make the Australian research on academic acceleration more accessible, to Australian researchers as well as to researchers from other countries. This annotated bibliography on academic acceleration in Australia is published with this purpose in mind. The authors would welcome reference citations of any research articles that have been overlooked in this bibliography.


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Keywords: acceleration, academic acceleration, gifted

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