Reversing underachievement in students with twice-exceptionality: findings from two case studies


Jodi Lamanna, Wilma Vialle & Catherine Wormald


Academic underachievement in gifted students has the potential to cause emotional, social and behavioural issues due to the discrepancy between gifted students’ learning needs and what is offered in the curriculum. This highlights the importance of reversing academic underachievement so that these issues no longer occur. Two gifted students, from a larger study, provided insight into the unique lived experience of giftedness, academic underachievement and the reversal of underachievement. The students’ perspectives were viewed through the lens of twice-exceptionality. The findings revealed that having an appropriately challenging curriculum, appropriate medication, and a positive teacher-student connection contributed to the reversal of academic underachievement. These findings have the potential to be implemented in classrooms to assist in reversing underachievement.


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Keywords: gifted, twice-exceptional, underachievement, Bronfenbrenner