Creating graduation pathways for gifted and talented students: strategic alliances between high schools, community colleges and universities


Ksenia Zhbanova & Mark Fincher


Increasing enrolment numbers and attracting students who are likely to succeed at the post-secondary level is vital for any college. The gifted and talented constitute a distinctive population that can contribute to the overall level of success of an institution. Currently, there is a lack of connection between schools, colleges, and universities in the United States, which leads to the loss of highly able students. A coherent model of collaboration between community colleges, schools, and universities can support the gifted and talented, create a continuity between the levels of education, and help community colleges increase enrolment of the gifted as well as gain support from the schools and universities. This article presents such a model and includes concrete strategies that can be used by community colleges to build relationships with schools and universities for the benefit of the gifted and talented and each educational institution involved.


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Keywords: gifted and talented, recruitment, collaboration, continuity of educational process